The openSE framework is an outcome of the PURESAFE Initial Training Network FP7 Marie Curie Actions project that is supported by the European Commission under grant agreement no. 264336.

More specifically, openSE is the main deliverable of work package no. 1 entitled "Process and Modelling", that aims at enhancing project management and systems engineering practices for projects related to the development of scientific facilities emitting ionizing radiations or of systems intended to operate in environments with artificial ionizing radiations. By means of this framework, a particular attention is paid to safety and remote engineering aspects throughout the whole lifecycle of these facilities or systems.

The openSE framework is also a deliverable of work packages nos. 2 and 3 entitled "Remote Handling Hardware Platforms" and "Remote Handling Software Platforms" by means of guidelines that are associated to the present document. To some extent, openSE is also a deliverable of work package no. 5 related to the dissemination of the PURESAFE ITN outcomes.


Why openSE?


What is openSE?


openSE Conceptual Design Report